Passage #83: 2 February 2011

Crouching Bunny, Hidden Dragon

Tonight at midnight, the year of the metal rabbit begins!

The reign of the tiger is almost over (not a moment too soon, we say), and the rabbit is set to take its place on the zodiac. When the clock strikes 12... well, uh, we're not totally sure how this thing works, to tell you the truth... Does the rabbit eat the tiger? Does the tiger become the rabbit? Does the rabbit army depose the tiger in a rabbit coup backed by widespread bunny dissatisfaction with the tiger's autocratic rule? Or is there just a smoooooth transition, with lots of fireworks and dancing and general celebration?

We don't know! But tonight we will find out. We will arrive in Chinatown shortly before midnight, where we will be joining the crowds (we, uh, assume there will be crowds?) at the midnight temple ceremony. Get in touch with your rabbit selves. All hail the bunny!

Oh, and before that, we'll be doing some bike riding and stuff. That's important too.

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