Passage #116: 21 September 2011

Open the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness

Lost minds wail the night
while hiding in the shadows
with all eyes held tight.

Energy feeding back to its central cord
causes a whirlpool of time to soar.
The timeless universe, that is no more,
is made to inhale
as the serpent swallows its own tail.

From the blue fire pool of frozen time
rises the new fire light of burning mind.

Now, new born flashes of mind,
swimming in the black void of time,
seek the very point of being.
To find that which from all else if fleeing.

Come feel life's vibration
and sing with us the holy sound.

Turning I about,
in the deep seat of consciousness,
I realise the illusion of out.

A thousand clear flames of light
blaze in glory
upon the conquered height.


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