Passage #117: 28 September 2011


We're hunting for cemeteries this week*, because that seems like an appropriate thing to do to celebrate "Halloween in Late September" -- a holiday that we just made up right now, at this very moment. "Christmas in July" is a thing that people celebrate, right**? So if you look at it that way, "Halloween in Late September" is really not such a stretch. Though one has to suppose that the whole point of celebrating Christmas in July is that July is about as far away as one can get from December on the calendar, so really, if we're following that model, it should be "Halloween in May." So if you like, you can think of this as "Halloween in May in Late September," which we figure really makes just about as much sense as the whole "Christmas in July" thing.

We suppose you can dress up if you want to -- that is, if you have a costume that you can throw together in the next 15 minutes and still make it to the ride in time.

* Well, at least one cemetery.
** We've never actually celebrated this "holiday," but Wikipedia says it's real, so we're just going to trust them here.

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