Passage #143: 4 April 2012

Quest Mode

Behold: the Mountain of Fire. Home to the Goron race, it engulfs much of the Fire Realm in the re-established land of Hlyrule. At its summit is the Fire Temple, one of the four special temples that power the Tower of Spirits and sustains the existence of the Spirit Tracks. It is located in the northeastern quadrant of Hlyrule, with the two known paths to it leading from the Tower of Spirits and the neighboring Water Realm. The mountain rises well above sea level and is inhabited by three large Snurglars that roam its slopes. In recent years, the Mountain of Fire has been violent and unstable, wreaking havoc on the Goron tribe and their village.

This week we venture out in search of the realm's guardian Lokomo, Embrose. However, the Fire Sanctuary, the abode of Embrose, is closed off to wheeled vehicles, even those upon which we shall be traveling. Therefore, beyond a certain point, our steeds must be abandoned and we shall continue on foot. We will be forced to dodge the multiple boulders of fiery rock and ash that fall from the sky and blast them with our Cannon of the Spirit Train as we make our way upward. If we are successful in our quest, we shall perform a Lokomo Duet with the guardian and fully restore the tracks leading up the mountain. Our names will be entered into the Fire Tree Chronicle and we shall return to feast upon the finest donuts in the realm.

Route Map

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