Passage #192: 27 March 2013


The contemporary notion that one becomes a werewolf by being bitten or even merely scratched by one is more an invention of Hollywood than supported by legend. Anyone with familiarity of classic werewolf lore (or -- cough -- who has given Wikipedia a quick glance) knows that the affliction is traditionally either a form of divine punishment or results from a pact with the devil. Alternatively, sometimes it can come about when born under a new moon. Drinking rainwater from the footprint of one, that might do it too. Or wearing nothing but a belt of wolfskin. There is a chant you can perform while drinking a special beer. Or then there's the magic salve. Rub it all over your body: boom, werewolf. All true. Doesn't seem like you have to worry about bites though.

The one, however, of which we must be careful tonight is falling asleep "on a certain Wednesday or Friday night" with the full moon shining on one's face. Yep, that can do it. Lucky for us, we don't plan on doing much sleeping out on the ride tonight. No, the plan is pretty much just to ride bikes on the ride tonight. Of course, what you do once you return home is your own business. Though, if you do become a werewolf, you might have to switch to riding on Mondays, right?

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