Passage #197: 1 May 2013

Disaster Preparedness

Danger from above! Danger from below! Danger from the sea! Danger from the land! Danger everywhere! Indeed, to read some accounts, one would think that Los Angeles is a city in constant peril. And in many ways, it is. Whether the perceived peril actually aligns with the real peril is of course a different question entirely, but somewhere between worrying about everything and worrying about nothing, there is a combination of worries that gauges the risks perfectly. Sadly, this perfect combination does not involve very many sharks or explosions, so it does not quite garner as much attention as one might hope.

So, that said, what are you doing to prepare for tsunamis/fires/landslides/sharks/nuclear fallout/terrorist attacks/disease outbreaks/The Big One? We can tell you what we're doing. We're going out to see what everybody else is doing, because riding bikes is a lot more fun than crafting the perfect bundle of worries.

See what we mean? The flashy stuff gets all the attention.

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