Passage #240: 12 March 2014

Daylight Shuffling

We have lost an hour, or gained one, or both, but it is a debatable point whether anything is ever really saved by this exercise. At the end of the day, that daylight is still gone, is it not? So perhaps it's less a saving than just a shuffling around.

This week, the time (whatever it is) has taken its toll, and we have misplaced the hour. Which is not to say that we will simply be shuffling around ourselves. Far from it! But things that would have been been happening at this time are happening at a different one, and things that would have been happening at some other time are happening now.

Get to the donut shop, is what we are saying. You haven't an hour to lose!

Route Map

map240.jpg: 700x700, 112k (April 19, 2014, at 03:54 PM)

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