Passage #276: 19 November 2014

Actually Great L.A. Date Idea

Quoth the listicle, "The Passage is a weekly bike ride that starts and ends at a donut shop (score!), and along the way aims to hit unexplored parts of LA -- sometimes hitting pool halls, bowling alleys, and karaoke along the way. Is it oddball? Yes. Is it still an awesome date? YES."

Well, if Internet says so, it must be true.

Route Map

map276.jpg: 700x700, 137k (December 19, 2014, at 04:58 PM)

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Passage276_DSC08864.jpg: 700x467, 78k (December 28, 2014, at 04:04 PM)
Passage276_DSC08870.jpg: 700x467, 170k (December 28, 2014, at 04:04 PM)
Passage276_DSC08879.jpg: 700x467, 107k (December 28, 2014, at 04:05 PM)
Passage276_DSC08890.jpg: 700x467, 140k (December 28, 2014, at 04:05 PM)