Passage #277: 26 November 2014

Practice Picnic

Well, sure, we suppose you could go cold into this season of eating - devouring a whole turducken (or tofurducken?) outright, diving straight into the deep end of the gravy pool, et cetera. But that would be foolish. No, no, we say you need to ease your way into the holiday. After all, you wouldn't run a marathon without any preparation. Are you just going to run headlong into that wall of mashed potatoes without even limbering up first?

The best way to do this, we contend, is with a picnic, so that is what we are doing this week. Consider it a practice run for your belly. If you want to consider it a practice run for your holiday recipes too, we will not object, though of course we realize that this announcement may be arriving a bit late to make any serious cooking plans. In any case, bring some practice food and/or practice drink to share with your practice family.

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