Passage #278: 6 December 2014


In the city, we often find ourselves riding along the edges of things, skirting boundaries, gravitating toward spaces that seem to lie just outside of formal control. These patterns of exploration are practically compelled by the fabric of the city itself. As we are constantly surrounded by areas that are either physically or notionally closed off, there is a kind of freedom to be found in loosening the ingrained restrictions on movement.

But what of the country, with its wilderness, its wildness, its wide open spaces? Are there even greater degrees of freedom to be found there? It would seem so. Indeed, there are those who move to the country precisely to escape the city's restrictions. But of course, with each new seeker of freedom comes the establishment of new boundaries and zones of exclusion. We see an incremental scraping away at the land, leaving it graded, fenced, and retained, until the wilderness is scarcely wild, and "the country" is scarcely the country.

What new patterns of movement will be compelled by this new set of restrictions? Join us this week and find out, as we explore the most ex- of exurban regions and all the various 'scapes, scrapes and scarps along the way.

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