Passage #284: 28 January 2015

Let the Eagle Soar

So maybe you are just trying to entertain the crowd. Maybe you are hoping to branch out a bit creatively, standing up there on stage, offering your musical creation to a captive audience under unflattering lights. Maybe you even achieve a certain kind of sweaty grace, but then maybe, well, maybe you don't. You know they will clap, of course, but are they clapping because they liked your song, or are they clapping because it's finally over? That, you will never know. You know only what you can hear with your own ears: the air conditioning, the creaking of the stage, some hushed whispers, and then, finally, your own voice.

Now, you could do that, up there in front of the lights and the crowd and the cameras and all that, not knowing what comes next. Nobody is stopping you. However, we firmly believe that this kind of uncertainty is best experienced outside, at night, on bikes. The choice is yours.

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