Passage #287: 18 February 2015


We hear that it is Ash Wednesday, or at the very least that it is a Wednesday of ash-like substances falling from the sky. We also hear that it is New Year's Eve -- end of the Year of the Horse, beginning of the Year of the Ram, and occasion for much celebration. So there is no shortage of observances you could be making tonight, whether it involves Ashes, a Ram, or something else entirely. If you are the type that really takes your Coexist bumper sticker to heart, then perhaps you will even build an ash ram in the ashram and get the best of all worlds? Have at it, we say! Live and let live.

We, as usual, will mostly just be observing the things that come our way as we ride our bikes. And if we do happen to encounter some ashes or some rams (or even some ashrams), so much the better.

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