Passage #303: 10 June 2015

The Great Unknown

It is, within a certain community at least, fairly well-known that many of our rides are pretty great. But if this isn't in fact something that you have known, we have been more than happy to tell you. We've had #142 - Top Number One Greatest Ride of All Time. That was a great one, definitely. And we've had #178 - The Great Indoors. Maybe not number one, but also pretty great! Then there was #203 - The Great Reworking. Was about time we worked on our greatness some more, right? We got a bit humble with #225 - The Not-So-Great Divide. We didn't want to overwhelm you with the greatness. And, most recently, there was #276 - Actually Great L.A. Date Idea. It actually was pretty darn great, wasn't it?

So much greatness!

Which I guess brings us to this week's ride. How great will IT be? I mean, we all have busy lives and don't want to go out on just any old ride, right? We're all looking for a little greatness. Greatness is great. Well, here's what we know: the name of the ride -- THE NAME -- says that it will be great. Not just the description, here, but the very name. So, there's that. That sounds pretty definitive. But, then, it also says it is unknown. Greatly unknown. THE great unknown. So things don't seem so clear anymore. All we can say is that you will just have to come and find out. Then you will know for sure. Unless this unknown is really so great that it cannot ever be known. And then you're just out of luck, we guess. How's that for you?


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