Passage #380: 30 November 2016

Pole to Pole

For being such significant locations in our geographic reckoning, the poles are awfully hard places to visit. They're cold and remote, inhospitable to all but the hardiest of creatures polar bears, say, or magical elves with large reserves of body fat so not many people manage to make the trek.

While it's hard enough to reach the geographic north pole, what with all the ocean and ice and elves getting in the way, an even more ambitious target might be the magnetic north pole, which, in addition to being over the ocean and ice, is currently moving in a northwesterly direction at a rate of about 3 inches per minute.

So tonight... well, tonight, we're not going to either of those places, but we will visit some other poles to the north and south, in a sort of polar wander more suited to the scale of a nighttime bicycle ride.

Route Map

map380.jpg: 700x700, 137k (January 02, 2017, at 10:54 PM)

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