Passage #412: 19 July 2017

The Woman in the High Castle

Okay, maybe this isn't the absolute darkest timeline imaginable, but it certainly is a pretty dark one, right? At some point we must have slipped through some sort of dimensional rift (maybe on Passage #94?) and ended up here, in the universe where our country is run by fools, by robber barons, by heartless creeps.

And so, you know, we would go looking for that man up in the castle that's going to show us the way back to the other timeline. But, well, that man is almost certainly a woman, is she not? Not sure which woman, exactly, but surely it's going to be a woman. That seems pretty clear.

So this week we climb a few hills, ascend some stairs, search up in the tower, and see if we can't find her.

Route Map

map412.jpg: 700x700, 135k (November 02, 2017, at 03:57 AM)

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