Passage #57: 28 July 2010

Waxed Mustachio

Ah, the march of history! We had the long and flat period, followed by the off-roading age, and then our boys went off to fight in the great war. Lately, we've been going through another hill cycle. First small and, most recently, big. And now? Back we are again at long and flat, a gentleman's (and gentlewoman's!) ride, verily. So polish your wingtips and wax up your whiskers because this week we keep it nice and classy.

Route Map

map57.jpg: 700x700, 139k (March 30, 2012, at 10:13 PM)

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Passage57_1060489.jpg: 700x525, 170k (August 07, 2010, at 04:47 AM)
Passage57_1060496.jpg: 700x525, 106k (August 07, 2010, at 04:47 AM)
Passage57_1060503.jpg: 700x525, 58k (August 07, 2010, at 04:47 AM)
Passage57_1060505.jpg: 700x525, 48k (August 07, 2010, at 04:47 AM)