Passage #323: 28 October 2015


Often our routes can seem a bit arbitrary. Why this way and not another? Why now and not last week or next? So sometimes we need to look to external signposts and events for guidance, to align our wanderings with the larger cycles of the universe. This week, for example, we find the ride falls within close proximity to one of our favorite fall holidays. And so who are we not to celebrate?

But, okay, since said holiday does not actually fall on a Wednesday this year, it seems necessary to recalibrate a bit. So we will be applying an Oulipian constraint to shift our cycling ever so slightly back into alignment with those universal cycles. It is all very mathematical and precise, we assure you.

So, without further ado, happy October 27th, everybody!

Route Map

map323.jpg: 700x700, 138k (November 27, 2015, at 10:46 PM)

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